We have a bunch of great updates we’re happy to announce today!  They are listed below.

  1. Practitioner signatures!!! Yes, you can now add  your signature into SOAP Vault, which will automatically populate your receipts and SOAP notes with this signature. Learn more about practitioner signatures.
  2. Insurance information is now tracked on the intake form.  Patients can more easily add their insurance details at the time of completing their intake form.
  3. You can now signup for additional clinics even if your email address is already associated with another clinic.  Learn more about signing up for a clinic with an existing account.
  4. On the patient’s page, you can now hover over a Finalized SOAP note to quickly see the conditions, injuries, surguries and medications listed on each specific SOAP note.
  5. Recepits have been cleaned up, they are now much easeir to read, and include a practitioner signature!
  6. Today’s Birthdays are now visible on the dashboard, you can quickly say Happy Birthday to your patients on their birthday!
  7. We’ve added a field to the SOAP notes of “Additional Consent Information”.
  8. On mobile, you can now manage  your “My Account” pages, including the setup of your External Calendar.  This will make it much easier to copy/paste the External Calendar URL into your mobile device’s calendar.
  9. Bug fixed where clients couldn’t view mobile booking pages for some clinics.
  10. Minor bug fixes and improvements

We look forward to adding some more features in the very near future!

Happy Charting,

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