We are very excited to announce the latest updates on SOAP Vault!  This update includes many updates to the calendar, usability and SOAP notes.


Appointment Services
The appointment services feature is one of two major updates to the overhaul of the SOAP Vault calendar.  As of January 12, 2015 your patients will be able to book their appointments by selecting the specific service and duration of the service that they would like.  SOAP Vault will automatically suggest dates/times which are available.  This will significantly improve the experience of online booking for your patients.  If patients book their appointments through SOAP Vault, then you will need to add your services before January 12, 2015 for a seamless transition.


Appointment Confirmations
To reduce the number of no-shows, or the amount of time you spend following up with clients to confirm they will be attending their appointment, SOAP Vault will request an appointment confirmation.

If you have selected the option to “Remind patient 1 day before their appointment”, then in their appointment reminder email, they will also have a button to click “Confirm Appointment”.  If the customer confirms their appointment then the appointment will be marked as confirmed both on the Calendar and on the Dashboard under Today’s Appointments.


Treatment Followup Emails
SOAP Vault can automatically send a followup email to your patients after their treatment.  At the end of the SOAP note simply click “Send a treatment followup email”. You can specify how many days after the treatment date you would like the followup email to be sent. You can also modify this email on a per treatment basis.


Also, many other bug fixes and improvements are included in this update.

Happy charting!
The SOAP Vault Team

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