Your friends over here at SOAP Vault have amazing news:
Our developers would blush if they read this, but they’re kind of awesome. Just sayin’.
Find-A-Time functionality is now available to use in the main calendar! Rather than being scooched over to a different page, you stay nice and cozy right where you are on the Calendar!
Upgraded Multi-Practitioner / Multi-Day view means you can now browse in week-view and month-view for multiple practitioners! This is a major update, as currently you can only utilize this function for one practitioner at a time. As you know, this is such a big deal for multi-practitioner clinics!
Better mobile compatibility not only allows for better support on smaller devices and touch screens, it will make it easy to access your Calendar anywhere you are in the world!
Appointment conflicts are ancient history! Now, bookings won’t require availabilities when created by staff, and booking an appointment won’t require the creation of availabilities.
Increased booking flexibility means bookings can span multiple availabilities! Bookings can also span back-to-back availabilities, or no availabilities at all.
Improved conflict detection means a huge reduction of unnecessary appointment conflicts when creating repeating appointments, breaks, or availabilities.
There’s increased speed capability, meaning your Calendar will run much faster.
Brand-spanking-new invoice design makes adding, editing, viewing, and printing a snap!
We’ve got a shiny, new transaction design, too! It also makes adding, editing, viewing, and printing so, so easy!
Enhanced QuickPay functionality means you no longer need to set a default QuickPay method. It’s now possible to QuickPay from any custom payment method, but not including Square or Bambora.

Last, but certainly not least, the most important aspect of your new Calendar is that we’ve re-engineered it for future development. We plan to add a lot of excellent new features, and this is the first step!  We’ll be rolling out this update next week!

-Your SOAP Vault Team

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