Massage Magazine recently published an article entitled, “DISCOVER WHAT KIND OF MASSAGE THERAPIST YOU ARE.” in which the folks down a Massage Envy outline the various varieties of massage therapists.


Below is a list of the different types, see which one aligns with you!

What Kind of Massage Therapist Are You?


Bodywork Brainiac

“You’re equally at home with your head in an anatomy book, at a continuing education class, or practising a massage technique,” the article reads, adding that you’re the one others seek out when they need advice on the massage therapy craft. “Your brain absorbs the latest research like a sponge. But clients are the best teachers. You don’t just see a person; you see an amazing collection of muscle, fascia, nerves, bones and skin and how all those things function together.”

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Hans-on Hero

“You greet each day knowing you can heal the world one massage at a time. A tweaked neck? A tight shoulder? People know you’ll be the first to answer the call to help,” adding that you ride or die for the massage therapy profession. “No mistaking it. It’s a career that can transform lives, and there’s no time to waste.”

Un-knotting Ninja

“Relaxation techniques are your bread and butter. Your healing hands seemingly dance along in harmony with the relaxing pulse of music,” adding that you pair excellent craft with wholehearted focus during each session. “It’s no wonder your clients leave walking on a cloud.”

Mindfulness Maker

“Your special gift is mindfulness, which means you’re fully present for each client, bringing the power of positive intent to every moment,” adding that you’re also grounded, and by channelling your energy in the treatment room, you help others attain a sense of connection with their bodies.

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