A Massage Gift Certificate is a Great Way to Show You Care


Looking for that perfect holiday gift? Can’t decide what to get your mother, father, brother, sister… well, anyone in your family?


Fear not!


The perfect present for Christmas is a massage gift certificate!


4 Reasons Why a Massage Gift Certificate Makes a Perfect Present


In a recent article published by Massage Magazine entitled “4 Reasons Why Massage is the Best Holiday Gift Ever”, author Karen Menehan outlines why one should give the gift of relaxation over the holidays starting with “The Gift of Stress Relief”.


The holidays can be filled with family, friends, fun, food—and freneticism. Gift-buying, overeating and travel can leave any merrymaker feeling tired and stressed. Massage makes the best holiday gift because it calms the nervous system and provides an oasis of respite from the holiday frenzy,” Menehan writes.


Next, she details how a massage is “The Gift of Pain Removal”, writing that hanging all that yuletide decor and prepping for that merriest of feasts can cause major pain in your joints and muscles. “From hanging Christmas lights to digging the Hanukkah candles out of the basement, the holidays’ decorating activities can create strain, sprain and pain. Massage makes the best holiday gift because it addresses pain and stiffness by increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and releasing crinkles and tight spots from muscles.”


The third reason a massage gift certificate is a great holiday gift is the fact that it’s “The Gift of Raised Spirits”. Menehan suggests that the Christmas season can bring about feelings of grief due to family conflict or other factors, and a massage can do away with all that those mood-stressors that may arise.


Lastly, a massage gift certificate is “The Gift of Ease”. Purchasing a massage gift certificate is an easy gift to acquire, it’s not costly. and, as Menehan suggests, most massage therapists offer sales this time of year. “Whether you purchase now or at the last minute, your gift of massage will be the easiest gift you give this holiday season—and the most appreciated,” she writes.


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