When considering the best linens for your massage therapy business, the massage table sheets play a critical role in the customer’s experience. Quality sheets not only assist with a great first impression, but they are essential to a good massage experience for your customer.


In a recently-published article entitled, “We Need to do Better With Our Massage Table Linens,” author and expert, Tina Beychok, writes:


“The other main tool you use, aside from your hands and your table, are your linens and any table toppers, such as pillows or pads. While your linens help make your table look inviting to your clients, they serve a purpose beyond just looking pretty,” adding that linens provide a barrier between your clients’ skin and the table and face cradle upholstery.


“This also means that your linens will need to be changed out between each client to avoid any possibility of pathogen transfer. It’s pretty obvious that your linens will be your second biggest expense, next to your table,” she writes.


Beychok suggests that cotton flannel sheets are perhaps the most attractive option for massage therapy linens. Cotton flannel sheets are warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer when air conditioning can make a room too cool. But she counters by arguing that, because you will require multiple sets of linens per day, you will need to consider the proper balance between cost and comfort. While 100 percent cotton is the most popular and affordable fabric, it wears out the fastest and can be difficult to clean, requiring stronger detergents and bleach.


“Although cotton-synthetic blends are easier to clean and are more durable, they are not as soft as 100 percent cotton. Some of the more exotic fabrics, such as bamboo, hemp, and soy do feel softer, but are more expensive. This can be a factor to consider when you realize that you need to have multiple sets of linens.”


The right linens say a lot about the massage experience and the pride you take in serving your customer. Creating the ideal setting and helping your customers relax and enjoy their massage will not only determine a repeat customer but also whether your business survives.


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