A massage therapy business can be lucrative to an entrepreneur and provide the opportunity to work independently or with a healthcare professional, such as an orthopedic doctor or chiropractor. Massage therapists can provide an array of services, such as therapeutic massage, sports massage, and other like services.


But have you thought about corporate massage?


Businesses occasionally offer on-site massage therapy to employees as part of wellness programs. These companies contract with independent massage therapists to provide on-site massages at a fixed reimbursement rate per employee.


In a recently published article entitled, “From the Bottom to the Top: Building a Corporate Massage Business,” author and expert, Hannah Fell, writes:


“When Amelia Wilcox was young, she suffered from chronic headaches. She went to a chiropractor and various doctors to try to solve the problem, but the doctors merely told her to stop putting her hair in a ponytail. She thought there had to be a better solution. It was only when she got a massage that she finally had relief from her headaches,” adding that in 2003, Wilcox graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City and started her journey into the field of massage.


“When she started out in the massage field, she said she knew that she wanted to help other people with massage.” However, Fell writes, instead of going in the direction of working for a massage company or going into private practice, she started her own business, Incorporate Massage, which markets massage to corporations and businesses.


A stiff neck. Aching wrists. A sore back that just won’t go away. No matter how capable your employees are, no one can perform at their best when they’re agitated by physical pain.


Corporate massage helps promote a balanced lifestyle in the workplace and beyond. It’s good for workers, and good for business.


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