Well,  it’s been a few weeks since our last notable update, but this one is pretty exciting!  SOAP Vault’s online booking experience is often one of the most visited areas, and it’s just received a bunch of improvements.
Design and Booking Experience​

The online booking pages have been upgraded to a more modern, professional and clean design. The mobile device experience is so simple and easy to use. Patients no longer need to remember whether they have a user account! They just enter their email address and SOAP Vault will let them know whether to login or start a new account.​


Branding Page Updates

SOAP Vault now lets you preview the colours of your Online Booking experience as you make changes, as well as apply backgrounds.  This should make those fine adjustments to colours way easier.  Learn more.​


Transparent Backgrounds on Logos

SOAP Vault now supports logos with transparent backgrounds. We recommend uploading a logo with a transparent background to give your Online Booking pages the best look possible.  Here is a quick tool if you’ve got the knack to give it a shot yourself.  Not sure how to do this?  Just let us know and we’ll be happy to help! 

More Control of Notifications

We’ve put the control of notifications in your hands.  You now can turn on and off which On-Page and Email notifications you would like to receive as.​  Learn more.

Of course, the release wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of other minor improvements and a few more bugs squashed.

Thank you!
Your SOAP Vault Team

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