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If you exhibit symptoms of Fever, Fatigue, Dry cough, Difficulty breathing, have recently travelled or been in contact with any that has travelled within the last 14 days to please follow the provincial guidelines due to the current concerns around Covid-19. PLEASE advise us immediately if you or anyone you have been in contact with has been tested positive for COVID-19 or are awaiting test results. We will be more then happy tp re-schedule your appointment.

Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

Initial (new) client Myofascial Release Therapy

$138.10 90 mins

Myofascial 30 minute treatment

$52.38 30 mins

Myofascial 45 minute treatment

$71.43 45 mins

Myofascial 60 minute treatment

$80.95 60 mins

Myofascial 90 minute treatment

$119.05 90 mins

Relaxation (full body) Massage Therapy

Full Body Relaxation Massage

$90.48 60 mins