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Due to COVID-19 I have had to make changes to my massage practice. Clients must wear a mask (one can be purchased from me if you don’t have one) before entering my office and must stay on until leaving my office. Hand sanitizer must be used before entering my office (available at entrance when entering building) and when leaving. You will also be required to do a COVID-19 screening before your massage and if there are any signs or symptoms I won’t be able to do your massage. Please cancel your appointment if you have any signs or symptoms and stay home. Extensive cleaning needs to be done between clients, so please come for your massage at your appointment time and don’t bring anyone with you if possible.
Due to these extra requirements, I will be increasing my fees by $1.00 to help defray some of these costs. Thank you for your continued support!
Ann MacDonald


45 min deep tissue massage

$80.23 45 mins

60 min deep tissue

$99.44 60 mins

90 min deep tissue

$143.51 90 mins

deep tissue 120 min

$188.71 120 mins

Massage with Aromatherapy

45 min massage with aromatherapy

$91.53 45 mins

60 min massage with aromatherapy

$110.74 60 mins

90 min massage with aromatherapy

$154.81 90 mins


Reiki treatment

$51.98 35 mins

Hot Stone Massage

75 min massage w hydro

$181.93 75 mins

90 min w hydro

$204.53 90 mins