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To our valued clients,

As we navigate through the new normal due to Covid-19, we have decided to change our online booking and filing systems.

You will still be able to book online, however we will be switching to a new system called Noterr0.

All of our paper files will be updated to this system as well.

This means you will be invited to set up a new account and to fill out an initial intake form so we can work paperless.

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this form as we can then continue online with our notes.

Please note that when filling out the online forms all fields marked with a * must be completed, navigating away from the form without completion of these sections will result in an incomplete form and you may be asked / have to start over.
When your booking is complete you will receive an email and/or SMS message confirming your appointment. Please note that we DO NOT receive replies from SMS messages; we recommend that you contact the clinic directly if you experience any issues.

We recognize that this inconvenient and if it presents difficulty please disregard the form and we will complete it for you from a pre-existing form or have a paper form here for you to complete.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and we can help you out!

Thanks so much,

Team EMC.

Massage Therapy

ACU + MT 1 (Acupuncture combined with Massage Therapy)

$105 60 mins

ACU 1 (Acupuncture 60 minutes )

$105 60 mins

ART + MT 1 (Active Release combined with Massage Therapy)

$91.30 60 mins

ART 1 (Active Release technique 60 minutes)

$91.30 60 mins

MT 1 (Massage Therapy 60 minutes)

$84.35 60 mins

Reiki 1

$84.35 60 mins

TMJ .75 (Temporomandibular Joint Massage)

$73.91 45 mins

TMJ 1 (Temporomandibular Joint Massage)

60 mins