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Please review the following protocols that will apply to all clients at every treatment;

- MASKS ARE NOW MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE ENTERING LAUREN TOEWS MASSAGE THERAPY. Please make sure your mask is on before entering the building and ensure it does not come off until you are once again outside. If you do not have a mask or simply forget yours, a disposable mask will be provided.

- Please note that due to financial hardship resulting from COVID-19, any previously offered discounts will no longer be accepted.
- All clients will be required to pass a COVID-19 screening questionnaire before treatment. Please visit and utilize the COVID-19 screening tool BEFORE booking your appointment and only proceed if you have been approved. I will also be reaching out to each client, via email, the day before their scheduled appointment with a link to the tool. Once you have received the email and completed the survey, please send me an email or text with your results prior to coming in for your appointment (it is a government website - results are not forwarded to me).
- If your health status changes before the time of your treatment, it is imperative that you notify me IMMEDIATELY so that I can cancel your appointment.
- If you are feeling unwell, even if you do not have COVID-19 symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME. Even if it is “just a cold” or allergies. If you knowingly enter my clinic and are unwell with persistent sneezing or coughing YOU WILL BE SENT HOME and will still be liable for the cost of the treatment.
- As my waiting room is small and shared with another practitioner I will be asking that you only enter the clinic/building right at the time of your scheduled appointment. If you are early to your appointment you will need to remain in your car or outside of the building (not in the stairwell or near the bathrooms). IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT WITH ME - you may arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to complete initial paperwork.
- When you enter my waiting area you will need to immediately utilize the provided hand sanitizer to lower risk of contact transmission within the space. Thoroughly wet your hands.
- If there is another client in the waiting room at the same time please do your best to keep a 6 ft distance.
- The water cooler will no longer be available for communal use.
- Please confirm that your insurance coverage has not been interrupted if your employment has been affected by Coronavirus. If your coverage requires a prescription, please make sure that yours is still valid.
- If you become unwell and test positive, or are assumed positive, for COVID-19 within 2 weeks of your last appointment please contact me immediately to let me know. I will need to provide notice to all clients I have come into contact with during that period of time. I will provide the same notice to all clients if I become unwell.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times and I hope to see you soon!

Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage

$50 30 mins

45 Minute Massage

$65 45 mins

60 Minute Massage

$80 60 mins

75 Minute Massage

$95 75 mins

90 Minute Massage

$110 90 mins