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Kore PMT welcomes appointments for Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine & Acupuncture! New clinic policies adhere to Infection Control procedures for the prevention of COVID-19. The completion of virtual and in-office pre-screening must be completed to determine appointment and treatment qualification. Facemasks must be worn for the duration of your appointment and are provided if a personal mask is not available. Hand sanitizing stations are available upon entry and prior to treatment. Arrive alone and close to your appointment time unless paperwork completion is needed. Please call our office if you have any questions about online bookings or our policies. We look forward to helping you feel amazing!

Chiropractic - New Patients Must Book Initial Consultation First

Initial Consultation/Examination

$110 75 mins

Report of Findings/New Complaint/Re-Examination

$80 45 mins

Treatment Manual/Sigma

$100 60 mins

Treatment Manual/Sigma

$80 45 mins

Treatment Manual/Sigma

$70 30 mins

Treatment Manual/Sigma

$50 15 mins

Massage Therapy

30 min Massage Therapy

$55 30 mins

45 min Massage Therapy

$75 45 mins

60 min Massage Therapy

$90 60 mins

90 min Massage Therapy

$140 90 mins

Naturopath - New Patients Must Book Initial Consultation First

Initial Consultation

$150 60 mins

Subsequent Special (Extended)

$95 45 mins

Subsequent Special (Focused)

$65 20 mins

Subsequent Visit

$80 30 mins


Orthotic Consultation

$110 75 mins