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Hello! Thanks so much for visiting our online book.

We ask that new clients schedule the "60 min Initial Visit" to allow us time to review your health history and give ample time for assessment and treatment.

Lori's appointment calendar is available for online booking. However, at present, Janice is booking by request only- her schedule isn't currently accessible online. Please contact the Clinic to schedule an appointment with her.
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**Please note:
Our fee schedule will be updating on May 1, 2022 to the following:
Initial Visit: $95
30 min: $60
45 min: $80
60 min:$100

Therapeutic Massage

30 min Therapeutic Massage

$52.17 30 mins

45 min Therapeutic Massage

$69.57 45 mins

60 Min *First Visit* Massage Therapy Treatment

$82.61 60 mins

60 min Therapeutic Massage

$86.96 60 mins

Therapeutic Massage Treatment (Jade Stone)

60 min Jade Stone Massage Treatment

$100 60 mins