COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form (Aug 26 Update) and Agreement

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The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario requires all RMTs to screen every patient twice for risk of COVID-19. One screening must be completed before the patient comes for their appointment (*this pre-screening form*) and a second time immediately prior to their appointment (this will be conducted verbally at your appointment). RMTs are required to follow the Ontario Mistry of Health's COVID Screening Document. 

The following questions labelled "MOH COVID Screening Questions" are mandatory to be completed and are based on the "COVID-19 Patient Screening Guidance Document" created by the Ontario Ministry of Health. 

Questions 5 & 6 are only mandatory to complete if you are not fully immunized.*

*A fully immunized individual is defined as any individual >14 days after receiving their second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series or their first dose of a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine series (i.e .Johnson and Johnson).

COVID-19 Screening
MOH COVID Screening Questions
GMT Screening Questions (regardless of immunization status)
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