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Welcome to KneadRelief - your only stop for pain relief!

**Update June 20th, 2022**
Hello everyone,
Come mid July, there will be major changes to KneadRelief, we are MOVING!
However, we are OPEN (right up till Thursday, July 14th, 2022)
New location will be in Bowness starting July 18th, 2022.
Address will be posted very soon!

Please check out my Facebook (/KneadReliefcalgary) or Instagram(/kneadrelief) for latest updates.

**Covid-19 restrictions update**
Mask is no longer mandatory but if you feel more comfortable with a mask, please come with one. If you want me to have one on too, please do let me know.

Open from 9:30am - 9pm weekdays only. Closed on Weekends and Holidays and otherwise stated.
I am a stay at home dad as well as a Massage Therapist, that being said, life is unpredictable and my schedule will reflect that.

For latest update please check out my Facebook page (@kneadreliefcalgary) or Instagram (@kneadrelief)


Online booking direct billing available.
KneadRelief offers pain relief through Therapeutic Massage, RAPID NFR, Myofascial and Traditional Chinese Fire Cupping or all 4 combined.
Relief your headaches and migraines through specific treatment.
Offers MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) treatment - whiplash and concussion treatment


9:30 AM - 9 PM Monday to Friday by appointment only
Dennis Lee, RMT
Owner of KneadRelief
MTAA member in good standings
Direct Billing available
Same day booking

Are you suffering from that nagging pain in your mid back? The pain between the shoulder blades? Or the aches in the shoulders from hours and hours staring at your screen? The stress pain in the back of your head? or that pain in the low back that brings you to your knees?
As a former employee in a large enterprise working in the IT world, I know your pain!
Or are you a hockey player suffering from pains and aches after each game and seeking for that relief you need to be at your best for your team? Are you that goalie who made that terrific pad safe off a rush but you can't get back up after that? And when you're in a butterfly position, all you feel is pain down the hips and knees?
As a hockey player and a goalie, I know your pain!
Just involved in a car accident? Suffering from whiplash/concussion? Headaches/migraines?
I can help!



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