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A Matter of Muscles

COVID Protocols:
If you are feeling sick, PLEASE STAY HOME
You must wear a mask during the FACE-UP portion of your massage.
If you forget, one will be made available to you.
If you habitually forget, a $2.00 USD fee will be applied at check out.
No Mask, No Massage


A Matter of Muscles aims to help clients reduce stress, manage pain and recover from injury through therapeutic massage. Each massage is custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual. By using a variety of different techniques, the goal is to maximize the effectiveness of each session easing tension, flushing toxins and assisting muscle recovery so that you leave feeling better.

Restoring balance to relieve discomfort.

Choose FIRST VISIT if...
1- You have never had a massage at A Matter of Muscles.
2- It has been over 12 months since your last visit.
With the First Visit Options, you will receive an email with a Massage Intake Form at the time of booking. This form MUST be completed BEFORE your appointment.

You've been here before.
You've filled out the forms.
You're ready for another massage!


Monday 1pm - 6pm
Wednesday 1pm - 6pm
Friday 10am - 2pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm


A Matter of Muscles

3040 N 44th Street, Suite 3 Phoenix, Arizona 85018 United States