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Due to Covid-19 protocols, it is important that you stay in your vehicle upon arrival and send a text to
stating that you have arrived.
Following the text, you will then receive a response from me to grant you access as to when you can safely enter the building, from there I will meet you upon entrance.

Thank you!

*Masks are MANDATORY upon entry*


Hello! Justin Mendoza here

The Registered Massage Therapist at Kaluluwa - Massage Therapy & Co.
A 2020 graduate from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies

Here is a quick walk through of what it is like coming to see me, so the way that I start off is by meeting you at the entrance and naturally greet my clients, followed by a series of Covid-19 protocols (sanitization, temperature check, etc) and guide them to the massage area try to get to know them and understand them a little bit better to help me better understand where their body complaint is coming from, and to have them grow a little bit more comfortable with me as well, then begins the assessment.

My assessments come from an osteopathic based practice and therapeutic treatment with specialization in pre- and -post recovery, deep tissue, soft tissue manipulations, craniosacral, TMJ dysfunction, muscle energy techniques and more along the way! A treatment from me isn't like any other massage, it is a chance to become more educated and mindful to learn more about what is happening to your body and why you may be experiencing such aches, pains, soreness' or restrictions to your movements


Through my journey as a massage therapist, I get to see the transformative progress of my clients. They can become more relaxed, have an increased range of motion, or feel more energized and ready to conquer the rest of their day. I believe in working with intent to get my clients to their desired state. In my eyes their souls transform.
I chose the name Kaluluwa because I believe it is what infuses spirit with reality and I can do that through progressive therapeutic rehabilitation


Monday: 9AM - 2PM
Tuesday: N/A
Wednesday: 1:30PM - 8PM
Thursday: N/A
Friday: 1PM- 7PM
Saturday: 9AM - 330PM


Kaluluwa - Massage Therapy & Co.

360 Keewatin St - Unit 4 Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 2R9 Canada