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Composure Sports Massage


Hi there!

I'm Amber, I'm a licensed massage therapist. I work most often with clients returning to exercise or work after injury, rehab or extended time off.

Sports massage is an amazing practice that incorporates mindfulness, breathing, and massage techniques to reduce pain and improve mobility. Health coaching uses accountability techniques to create intentions and then explore them with goal setting. Coaches are meant to help their clients thrive!

I became a health coach in 2020 to better serve my clients who are interested in holistic health, but also to work virtually. Despite our best efforts to practice safely and healthfully, it can be unnerving to expose our immune systems to strangers. Virtual coaching is the perfect treatment for a client who wants to feel better but can't come in to the massage room.

Most people offer these services individually, which I do. But did you know these two can be combined? For information about massage and health coaching packages, visit my website.

Self Care is Health Care!
Amber Ramey, LMT
Health Coach Specializing in Self Care


Hours vary by appointment. Please choose a treatment to see Amber's hours.


Composure Sports Massage

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