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Please be advised that in order to book an appointment, you will be required to place a credit card on file. Your card WILL NOT be charged at the time of scheduling but is only used to secure your appointment. The credit card on file would also be used in case of late cancellation or no-show. You also need to create an account within our system to book any appointment. This allows for your information to be secure and rebooking can be done with ease. See you soon!

EnerQi Massage

Massage Consultation

$0 30 mins

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

$145 75 mins

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage

$130 60 mins

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage

$200 90 mins

EnerQi Signature Massage

$275 120 mins

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting One Area

$115 75 mins

Body Sculpting Two Areas

$155 150 mins

Body Sculpting Three Area

$195 180 mins

Body Sculpting Consultation

$25 45 mins

RF Skin Tightening One Area

$50 45 mins

RF Skin Tightening Two Areas

$75 60 mins

RF Skin Tightening Three Areas

$100 90 mins