Touch is an interesting and amazing sense.  Unlike your other senses–hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting, your sense of touch is found all over your body. Your sense of touch transmits feelings of heat, cold, pain, and pressure. The primary function of your sense of touch is to warn your brain when something that can cause damage to your body, like a hot pan or a sharp object, comes in contact with your body, so you can respond by avoiding the threat.


While sense of touch is a defense mechanism, and it can also be a source of joy. Touch can, of course, be a pleasurable thing, it’s all about intent. In massage, for example, the intent is relaxation, or easing the pain in a sore muscle, it’s a pleasurable sensation in a therapeutic way. But there are those who simply cannot be touched.


In a recently-published article entitled, “This is Why Some People Don’t Like to be Touched,” the experts at Massage Mag write:


“A recent research study on touch and touch avoidance explored how people feel about being touched by strangers, friends, parents, members of one’s own sex and members of the opposite sex,” adding that the study found women with social anxiety are less comfortable with physical contact than are men with social anxiety, and men in relationships with socially anxious women tend to be less comfortable with physical touch in the relationship as well.


Some people feel having a stranger touch them is crossing a boundary and makes them feel out of control. In the therapeutic setting of a massage, however, the situation and the technical skill of the therapist makes all the difference.


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