All of Today’s Businesses Cannot Truly Flourish Without a Professional Website


I know that, right off-the-cuff, this blog topic seems like something that would be useful about twenty years ago, when the mass population was new to the idea of using the internet to spread the word about a business.


So, I should probably stop right now — right?


Well, before you cast me off, let me ask you: how are you utilizing the internet to gain new clientele? Sure, you could be all over social media, as well as other free services (Tumblr, Blogger, etc.), but what good is a grand social media presence if you have no website with which to direct potential clients? And I’m not talking about some cheaply thrown together website with pre-made templates that don’t reflect the unique nuances of your business. I’m talking about a truly professional website, and one that’s compatible on any device.


A Professional Massage Therapist Needs a Professional Website


In an article recently published in Massage Magazine entitled “A Massage Expert Needs a Professional Website”, author Connie Holen suggests that having a professional website is an important way to position yourself as a massage expert.


“Having a website for your services is a very obvious sign you’re serious about your work. If you want to be known, want to be recommended, and want to be trusted, you must have a website.”


Holen provides a list of websites that work:


  1. It must be mobile-friendly.

  2. It must be uncluttered.

  3. It must have clear and obvious contact information.

  4. It must be consistent.


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How to Build Your Professional Website


The first step is to choose a platform on which to build your professional website. According to Robert Mening, renowned website builder and designer, the three top platforms of 2016 are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. They are all free, and have everything you need to create a website that reflects your business.


Next: choose a domain name for your professional website. Buying a domain name goes for roughly $3-$5/month, and can be found at (there are many more, but Mening suggests as his preference).


Finally, install and create your website through your chosen platform (Mening toutes WordPress as the best).    


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Given today’s technological ubiquity, and the success apps and mobile software have seen in recent years, it seems almost natural that the most unexpected industries would climb aboard and rub shoulders with the kingpins of tech-innovators.


Massage therapy is one of those industries, and SOAP Vault has mastered the tech.


It was once quite a laborious task of the brick-and-mortar business model to manage client intake forms, scheduling, financial documentation and ensure security of all files, but SOAP Vault has solved that issue by streamlining all things pertinent to your massage practice directly through one superb piece of software.


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