Allow The Water To Soothe You With Janzu Water Massage


Janzu, or “water massage”, invites you to stop the control in your body and let your physical weight into the water.


Because of the water, a total relaxation is achieved. The process of Janzu revitalizes those most affected or damaged areas in need of massage. It also helps to release the lower back and neck, so it is highly recommended for pregnant women, paraplegics and after a surgery.


“The process involves wearing a swimsuit and nose plug and meeting at a large natural body of water, fresh or salt water. You float in a passive state while the therapist moves your body through the water. As sessions progress, your therapist may take you under the water,” writes Jen Russo, author of “Massage and Energy Healing: Exploring Deep Feet massage, Janzu, Quantam Touch, and Inner Peace Movement on Maui”.


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