There is nothing truly more stress-reducing and tension-easing than a massage. And, if you’re like me, any massage will do; especially at the end of those nightmarish days we all but dread. But, there is such thing as a bad massage. You know, those ones that feel like your partner is trying to strangle you. Or it’s the feeling of soreness around your shoulders and back that’s indicative of a poorly executed massage. Well, if you’re a victim of this treatment, fear not, for in just a moment I will outline the methods needed to perform the BEST massage.


Don’t Push Too Hard


Sometimes you need a bit of rough treatment, but not too rough. Apply a firm hand, but be careful, your hands could be more damaging than healing.


Work Slowly


Rubbing too rapidly will irritate your partner’s muscles. Use your palms as the base to navigate your hands, thumbs and fingertips to produce slow, even strokes.


Avoid Bones and Joints


Concentrate on muscles, and avoid putting too much pressure on the spine, ribs and shoulder blades. Excess pressure can cause bruising of the bones.




Shoulders are where most people carry their tension. Focus a good portion of your massage time on the shoulders, rubbing evenly and without excessive firmness. Grab both shoulders from behind and use thumbs to push down. If your hands get tired, you may use your forearms. Use your bodyweight to apply the necessary pressure, and rotate your forearms toward the neck. Do this one arm at a time.


Tip: Use a tennis ball to roll over over the shoulders and back. It saves the strain on your hands and feels amazing to your partner.  


Remember to consult with your Registered/Licenced Massage Therapist before trying any of these out.


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