Many independent massage therapists have dabbled in selling products to their clients with success. A growing number of massage therapists are offering retail items online to increase income—without the time and energy costs associated with squeezing more sessions into each week.

With the landscape of brick-and-mortar retail ever changing and giving way to a future of online shopping, now, more than ever, it’s important for small businesses to adapt to change or be left behind.

Massage therapists who are considering selling products need to ask themselves, ‘What is my relationship with the client? Is my focus to be a health-care provider or a resource person, a product supplier or retail specialist? Why am I selling products? Do I believe in them?

What you sell depends a lot on what type of massage therapist you are. If you are primarily a therapist doing relaxation massage, energy work or Asian modalities the most appropriate items might include candles (scented with essential oils or unscented), essential oils, relaxing music or eye pillows. If you focus primarily on sports or medical massage, your inventory might include analgesic rubs, stretching bands, exercise balls, hot/cold packs or even yoga equipment.

If you think about it, consider all the limitations your shop can now exceed: An online store will improve your revenue, save on operating expenses, continue to make sales after hours, reach customers beyond your locality, utilize niche social media and online marketing to generate buzz, and garner publicity.

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