ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This condition, found in children and adolescents, affects their impulse control, over-activity and attention problems. When children and adolescents have ADHD, they normally go to their family pediatricians, physicians, child psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatric neurologists.


For treating ADHD, a non-medication therapy such as massage therapy has been found effective.


Massage therapy has continuously shown to be an effective treatment for patients with ADHD. Children who participated in regular massage displayed more on-task behavior after only ten massage sessions. These children also showed improvement in mood and behavior.

This is possibly due to the fact that brain levels of dopamine and serotonin increase after a massage, and stress-chemical cortisol decreases. Massage therapy is a powerful tool for people looking for relief from ADHD symptoms.


In a study by the Sachs Center, researchers said, “People with ADHD are said to experience a ‘sensory deprivation.’ People, especially children with ADHD, can have a short fuse, be hyperactive and desperately need physical sensations. This can include playing intense video games, needing rubs or liking very hot or very cold showers/ tubs.

“These individuals, have this built up energy that needs some way to be released. When this energy is kept inside and bottled up, that is when it is hard to focus and concentrate. Keeping this energy inside can cause someone to be angry, and irritable.

During a massage therapy session, this energy is being used and the person is getting the physical stimulation they need.”


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