Kinesiology massage


For many injuries proper recovery involves a combination of manual therapy and active rehabilitation. In many cases, knowing kinesiological principles is not just useful, but absolutely essential. Anyone working with pain and injury complaints should have a solid working knowledge of the primary clinical sciences.


What is the study of kinesiology?


Kinesiology is the study of human movement from the viewpoint of the physical sciences. It is the exploration of human movement and integrates three disciplines:


  • musculoskeletal anatomy (form)

  • neuromuscular physiology (function)  

  • biomechanics.


Kinesiology’s focus is on science-based principles in order to understand how and why movement occurs and the factors that can limit or enhance people’s ability to move.


Why is it important for MTs to learn the fundamentals of kinesiology?


Registered Massage Therapists are highly trained with manual therapies, but generally don’t implement extensive active rehabilitation programs. Kinesiologists are highly trained with active rehabilitation. They are very well suited for spending time in the gym with clients, but not so well suited to manual therapy.


Using kinesiology to its full extent is one of the things that will set you apart from other massage therapists and other health care professionals. Surprisingly, kinesiology is one of the clinical sciences least understood by soft-tissue practitioners.


The most effective way to learn kinesiology is through activities that put the information directly into practice and require creative thinking and clinical reasoning by the individual. Choosing courses that emphasize kinesiology in conjunction with other clinical sciences as they are applied to various situations is an efficient way to learn these principles.


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