Christmas is over. It’s sad, we know. But that doesn’t mean that the gifts have to stop coming! There could be a fellow massage therapist’s birthday coming up or a grand opening. So, we’ve compiled a curated list of the top 5 gifts for massage therapists… by massage therapists.


5. Nirvana Essential Oils 


These oils are perfect for setting the tone for a perfectly zen space, and their patients will feel at peace in the comfort of this small patch of peaceful healing haven.


4. Ellis Brooklyn Organic Soy Candles


These artisan candles, handmade in New York, have done some incredible work in freshening up stale rooms with a calming presence.


3. Savvy Infusion Water Bottles


It’s important to hydrate after a massage—for both the therapist and client. These 24 or 32 oz bottles have a leak-proof top with a handle. Simply add fresh or frozen fruits, along with water to flavour and infuse a rejuvenating drink.


2. VicTsing Cool Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser 


This sleek ultrasonic diffuser from VicTsing features a wood-grain exterior, screw-on cap, a continuous cool mist output of 10 hours, optional timer and automatic shutoff. This mist humidifier diffuser is also super-quiet, thanks to ultrasound technology, and it allows you to choose from seven ambient colors of LED lights for an all-around spa effect.


1. Themed business card holder

 What a great way to show your support for a friend or family member’s massage business. You can find all kinds on Etsy. We particularly love this piece.


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